Frequently Asked Questions About The Power of 10


Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is the default format of the mailer?
      Although we can customize a presentation solution to your specific needs, we have found two formats have had proven results. Our fold-over mailer enclosed in a clear envelope with a first class stamp allows for extra space for copy, all the while making a very classy presentation. We also have  regular and oversized postcards that are great for stretching your marketing dollars.
    • Where is The Power of 10 available?
      The system can retrieve data for both Canada and the USA. Presently, the print and mail option is only available in Canada.  For our American clients, we provide a pdf of the artwork to be printed locally. Contact us to get your custom artwork uploaded to the system.
    • What about artwork?
      We have templates available online from which you can create many different designs to fit your brand. The system was created with the non-graphic arts specialist in mind, so many of the design elements are driven by your account profile. There are design elements that we cannot change due to postal regulations (spacing and address fonts for example) so these areas are off limits to changes altogether.

      If you would like to create a completely different format, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.


    • How are neighbors/addresses selected?
      PO10 runs on a very robust database server that maps every primary address by geographic location and selects the houses closest to an address you provide. As long as the address is verified, the system automatically defaults to the 10 closest neighbors of your contact. The system can be set up to send out more cards by you selecting a larger number of neighbors when completing your card fulfillment request.
    • Why are some neighbors not included?
      One of the PO10 system’s strengths is the way it selects clients who will receive your cards. We cross-reference against the National Change of Address (NCOA) database to ensure your mailings are deliverable. The system may reject one of your neighbors due to the fact that it cannot verify the name and address, or your neighbor may be included on a national do-not-mail list.
    • When does my mailing get mailed?
      After you have designed and submitted your order, the PO10 system will process your order immediately. Your PO10 cards are printed shortly thereafter as the system is completely automated. We make every effort to have your cards in the mail within 2 business days, often sooner.
    • What Languages does P10 support?
      The PO10 platform supports 64 international languages and their associated characters- simply type your message in the language of your choice and the system will automatically generate a proof. If your proof does not meet your requirements, then you have chosen a language that is incompatible with the system.
    • What Does PO10 Cost?
      A PO10 card costs $3.37. A minimum of 10 per order is required and postage is included.
    • What method of payment do we accept?
      We accept Visa and MasterCard. Charges will show up on your credit card statement as Power of 10.
    • What do I pay for Postage?
      Postage rates are included in the cost of each mailer.
    • Can I know the names and addresses of who is receiving my PO10 cards through the mail?
      The Power of 10 does not provide names, addresses or phone numbers of each recipient for privacy reasons. When a recipient follows up directly to the sender, they then become part of the sender’s database, which the sender is free to store and use as they wish.
    • Can you automate the process?
      Yes, we have the ability to use data transfer protocols such as XML with our products. Please contact us to discuss your specific application at
    • What happens if I make a mistake?
      PO10 is a highly sophisticated and automated system that operates under the sole assumption you are correctly imputing your address data and advertising copy. The sender is responsible for proofing all versions and addresses before completing their transaction. PO10 accepts no responsibility for incorrect addressing, spelling and grammar mistakes, errors or omissions.
    • Where are my cards printed?
      PO10 cards are printed regionally across North America ensuring your mailings are in the mail stream promptly.
    • Where does PO10 get their data?
      The Power of 10 system retrieves its data from a variety of public sources across North America, such as phone directories.
    • What is PO10’s return policy?
      The Power of 10 offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee regarding the actual printing quality of our cards. Due to the fact that all the products available at are printed “on-demand” in response to a user’s orders, and proofed by the ordering user prior to confirmation of payment, we do not refund or credit due to errors regarding grammar, spelling or typing errors of any kind. We are also not responsible for any omissions or inaccuracies in your promotional text. We reserve the right to reproduce your PO10 card/campaign from the original artwork file created by the user. PO10 is not responsible for wear and/or tear cause by postal delivery. Please refer to either the USPS or Canada Post respective websites for information regarding reasonable wear and/or tear tolerances.

      You must return the actual mailer within 30 days of purchase of your order for a refund (credit) to your credit card. We will refund shipping costs if the return is a result of our error.

      Returns can be sent to 5-4350 Castleton Rd. London, ON, N6N 0A3 / 1-888-438-1682

      Please email for more details

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