Why it Works


Your Next Customer May Live Only One Door Away!

People always notice when things change in their neighborhood – a new roof, that shiny car, the quickly sold house, the beautifully landscaped garden and cool pool. If only you could take advantage of the momentum and interest that your last sale generated in a particular neighborhood to make the next sale.
Now, with the Power of 10’s personalized direct mail solution, you can! See how easy it is to convert 10 neighbors – who live near your current customer – into potential buyers!

The Power of 10 Difference

  • Zero in on households with the same interests, lifestyles and income levels – unlike traditional postal code drops that target an entire postal code, where demographics can vary
  • Access more than 120 million addresses, which are now live leads, through an exclusive database owned by Power of 10
  • Easily create on-demand, first class, direct mail pieces capitalizing on our specialized proven designs & printing capabilities
  • Send branded, pre-built templates to immediately capitalize on the buzz around your customers’ recent purchase

Who Benefits Most?

Anyone who sells a product or service can turn the Power of 10 into an effective direct mail marketing solution. Power of 10 is ideal for anyone who markets landscaping, hot tubs, pools, renovations, windows, roofing, real estate, travel, cars and more.
The Power of 10 for promoting Home Renovations

For Home Renovations…

Reach customers with a problem to solve: Are your windows leaking? Your neighbor’s aren’t! Get Started!
The Power of 10 for Real Estate

For Real Estate…

Build trust in a specific neighborhood by showing you can sell houses fast: Guess who just sold your neighbor’s home? I’d love to sell yours too! Get Started!
The Power of 10 for Car and Auto Sales

For Car Sales…

Appeal to the Jones’s: Shouldn’t you be driving a great ride, too! Get Started!

Let’s Get Started

It takes less than 10 minutes to start reaching potential buyers!

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